who is behind sanctuary?


sanctuary self care is the brain child of recovering attorney and serial entrepreneur alia j. khan. she is also the owner of east side yoga studio in washington, dc, and offers mentoring sessions to people seeking guidance in their own career change and/or self-care journeys. her search for a local artisan to bring her retail vision to life led her to meet barbie saylor kurt, a fellow corporate refugee and the brilliant mind behind heritage & belle boutique. the two connected instantly over everything from their type-a personalities to their strong creative sides to their mutual love of rescue cats, and the sanctuary line went from idea to soft launch in mere weeks.


alia dreams up the fragrance blends, product lineup, and packaging & label design, and barbie makes it all a reality in her home workshop in falls church, va. so when you buy a sanctuary product, you're supporting two independent, dc-local, female-owned businesses. 

what inspired sanctuary?


after a year and a half of working to make east side yoga a sanctuary where her clients could escape from their everyday lives, alia decided she wanted to offer a way for her clients to recreate that feeling at home. her love of brick-and-mortar business combined with her commitment to collaborating with other female entrepreneurs and bringing back products made by humans (rather than machines) led her on a search for a local artisan who could help her make this new idea a reality. 

where are sanctuary products made?


all of our products are handmade by a local artisan based in falls church, va - just a 30 minute drive from the sanctuary boutique in washington, dc. 

why does soy wax matter?


when you burn a candle, you are breathing in its fumes. and if your candle doesn't specify that it is made from a natural, safe substance like soy or beeswax, chances are pretty high that it's made of paraffin wax. aka, a petroleum product. aka, not the sort of thing you want to be inhaling. 

is there anything else special about the stuff that goes into this stuff? 


why yes! all of our products are free of phthalates and other nasty chemicals. we use all-natural ingredients whenever possible. when man-made stuff must be used, we use only the cleanest, safest, highest-quality options possible. our products are never animal-tested and always locally-sourced when possible, so you can feel good about the stuff you're putting onto and breathing into your body.