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After a long and winding journey, I figured out how to harness my superpowers into my dream career (and life!), and I'd love to help you do the same. I offer 60-minute Coaching Calls to help you start your own journey to your dream job. 

If you're...

...a corporate professional who has checked all the boxes but still isn't happy, or

...a budding entrepreneur looking for guidance on how to get started, or

...a college or high school student that needs help choosing your career path...

my Coaching Calls are exactly what you need to figure out your next steps and make sure you're headed in the right direction!

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join the family

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"Get to Know You" Call

I'll tell you my story, you'll tell me yours, I'll answer your questions, and then we'll get clear on your goals and how I can help you if you decide to keep working with me. 


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A La Carte 60min Calls

One-on-one coaching calls as often or infrequently as you'd like. Perfect for one-off check-ins or when you need some extra motivation or accountability.


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4-Call Package

Commit to yourself and your goals by booking a package of calls. Ideal for short to medium-term goals. 

$229 per call

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8-Call Package

The best bang for your buck. Ideal if you're working towards a long-term goal, or multiple goals. 

$199 per call

how it works

Ready to book your first call with me?

Simply fill out and submit this form, and I'll respond within 2 business days to arrange payment and schedule our call!

Easy peasy! 

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