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you deserve to feel good.

 i tried making the choices everyone else told me to,

and i ended up comfortable but miserable.

once i started living by my own rules,

life became pretty incredible.

i invite you to do the same for yourself. trust yourself, listen to yourself, and love yourself.


because you deserve to feel your best, and you know better than anyone else how to make that happen. 

join the family.

i'll pop into your inbox monthly with my latest on living life by your own rules.

rule #1: self-care is a priority, not a luxury. 

we live in a world where self-care, naps, + taking breaks are seen as frivolous luxuries.

we ALSO live in world where substance abuse, depression, + stress levels are sky high. 

coincidence? i think not. 

rule #2: do work that truly fulfills you.


forget about what everyone else thinks you should be doing.

i want to wake up every morning fired up and excited to get to work.


don't you?

rule #3: eat food that makes your body AND soul feel great.

screw deprivation diets and unrealistic beauty standards.

i decided a long time ago that i'd rather be curvy and happy than skinny and hangry. life has been a lot more fun ever since. 

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