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livestream classes

Join me in real time for yoga classes streamed from my studio, Oak + Lotus

All teachers at Oak + Lotus are trained in my inclusive Oak + Lotus Teaching Method so if you enjoy my teaching, you'll enjoy theirs too! Sign up to join us!

How Do I Join an Online Class?

To join me for a class online via Zoom, all you have to do is sign up for the class before it starts. Make sure to check the class name and ensure that you're signing up for the Online version of the class. You will receive an email with the Zoom link 30 minutes before class starts. Click the link to join the class, and that's all there is to it!

How Much do Online Classes Cost?

If you plan to join for online classes only, then I have special pricing just for you. Our In-Studio (All-Access) pricing plans do include access to our online classes. But if you're not based in Austin or just don't ever plan to join in the studio, the Online-Only pricing is your best option.

How Do I Listen to Music During an Online Class?

I do not broadcast music through the livestream since it may slow down the audio feed. If you would like to have music playing during a livestreamed class, I recommend that you use a second device to play music, because it can be difficult to hear both the Zoom audio and a separate music player through the same device.

Check out my practice playlists for music suggestions!

What Should My Zoom Settings Be?

Audio: You are welcome (and encouraged!) to chat with the teacher before and after class, but during class we ask that you keep yourself muted.


Video: We highly recommend that you keep your video ON during class and angled in such a way that the teacher can see your whole body throughout class. This way the teacher can watch you during class and will know if you've fallen behind, if you're confused and need a demo, if you need a specific instruction for your alignment, if the suggestion of a prop would be useful, etc. It's also very helpful for the teachers to pace their own teaching if they can see you. So really, everybody wins if you keep your camera on! But of course, if for any reason you are not comfortable keeping your camera on, you're welcome to shut it off.


View: You may want to spotlight the teacher, but given that we often do not demo (so that we can watch and teach y'all instead), you may find it more useful to stay in grid mode so you can see what your friends are doing. Totally up to you!

When Should I Log In?

You are welcome to log in a little early - 5 min or so - before class starts if you'd like to chat with the teacher beforehand. We highly recommend that you do this if you need to share any important information with the teacher about your practice, such as an injury that you're working with or any requests you have for class. Otherwise, please make sure you're logged in at least 1 minute before class is scheduled to start. 


And you're always welcome to stick around after class and chat with the teacher and your friends!

If More Than One Person is In The Room Taking Class With Me, Do We All Need to Pay?

Just like our in-studio classes, we expect that all people taking class pay for the class, even if you're all logged in through the same Zoom feed. However, this is definitely a loophole in our system that we cannot enforce, so we're on the honor system here and we certainly would never call anyone out if we see multiple people on camera when only one person is registered. We just hope that you love and support us not to do that! :-)

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