Don't Just Survive Our New Normal - Embrace It!

The sooner we accept our new normal, the sooner we can start to build the awesomest life possible within it. If we keep fighting it, hoping things will go "back to normal" soon in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, we're just trapping ourselves in purgatory.

Buddhism teaches us to lean into uncomfortable situations; that the more we resist them, the harder we're making things on ourselves. I now it seems counter-intuitive, but give it a try. I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised. (Now would be a good time to read/re-read "When Things Fall Apart" by Pema Chodron!)

And look. The new normal doesn't have to mean total isolation and lockdown. If you sift through all the political noise and focus on the medical facts (and use a little common sense), life can still be pretty awesome. Personally, I make sure to go outside every day, and spend as much time outdoors as possible. I've curated a very small, select group of close friends and family who are all being equally as careful as I am who I spend time with in person, again mostly outdoors. I keep in touch with everyone else - including my yoga community! - through the magic of the internet. I don't go inside anywhere with strangers except for the grocery store, and I keep those trips as infrequent as possible. And of course, I wear a mask when in public around other people, wash my hands all the friggin' time, and stay 6 feet away from strangers at all times.

Life has simplified tremendously. I cook and work out far more often than I used to, and spend way less money. I've created new routines that I absolutely love and look forward to every day. (THIS HAS BEEN KEY! Routines keep us rooted in a sense of normalcy when everything else feels uncertain and in flux. Seriously. It works.) The first couple of months of lockdown were VERY rough on me. But once I finally embraced the new normal and started purposefully crafting my life around it, I got a whole lot happier.

That's what MY new normal looks like. I'm not recommending that yours necessarily look the same; and let's be clear, I'm NOT a medical expert. I'm just sharing my new normal as an example of what could be. And encourage you to read up on your facts and decide for yourself how to safely live your best life in the new normal. And above all, LET GO of the old normal. It's not coming back anytime soon, and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you'll find peace.


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