i'm alia.

i believe that you (and me and everyone else) deserve to be as happy as possible in this life.

and since you have no idea how much time you get in this life,

you shouldn't waste a single moment doing or being anything that doesn't fit into your ideal life.

but here's the thing. 

the thing nobody teaches us when we're kids, but really should.

the ideal life looks TOTALLY DIFFERENT for every single one of us!

we are each wired to love, hate, and be great at totally different things.

so why the hell would you build your life according to someone else's rules???.

i tried making all the same choices as everyone else,

and i just ended up miserable in golden handcuffs.

(and i know i wasn't the only one.)


once i started living by my own rules instead of everyone else's,

life became pretty incredible.

is my life perfect? of course not.

but it's a hell of a lot better than it was when i was letting other people

make my choices for me.

so, are you ready to start writing your own rulebook?

then come join me outside of the box.

it's a lot more fun out here.



join the family.