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yoga gear

I've tried a *lot* of props in my day, and Yoga Hustle's are my favorites, functionally and aesthetically!

I also love that they're a female-founded company, and that their products are free of harmful chemicals and made from recyclable and/or biodegradable materials.

There's a lot to love about Yoga Hustle, which is why I'm proud to be on
e of their Brand Ambassadors! 

Use my link or click the product images to browse their website.

Use promo code ALIA20 for
20% off all purchases

The Strap
available in 6 colors

The Blanket
available in 6 colors

The Mat + (extra wide)
available in 6 colors

The Travel Mat  
available in 1 color

the mat.webp

The Mat  
available in 6 colors

treat yourself to my favorite yoga gear

If you know me at all, you know I'm picky.

(I prefer to call it "having discerning taste.")

Whatever you call it, years of trial and error have led

to this list of my favorite yoga gear.

And if you're going to have a regular home practice,

loving your yoga gear is a MUST. A proper sticky mat is a

GAME CHANGER when it comes to flow, and props that can

properly handle the many different uses I put them to

make all the difference in my practice.

I've got options for all budgets down below,

so whether you're ready to invest in the best yoga gear

or are just getting started and not looking for that kind

of commitment yet, I've got you covered. ;-)

ps: If you buy through these links, I get a cut of the action! 

The Blocks
available in 6 colors

The Bolster
available in 6 colors

Yoga Hustle
My Favorites

yoga blanket

yoga on a budget

Yoga On A Budget

As yummy as the Yoga Hustle blankets are, for practical reasons, this is the style of blanket I recommend using for your flow practice.

yoga blanket

Yoga Blanket
available in 5 colors

Not ready to invest in high-end yoga gear yet? I totally get it!
Here are some budget-friendly
options to get you started.

Single Block

Block Pair

Block + Strap

round bolster.jpg

Round Bolster

Rectangular Bolster


Ready to invest in a great mat, but still want to keep it under $100?
B.mat is the way to go!

bmat traveler.webp

The Traveller 
2mm | 71in

The Everyday 
4mm | 71"

The Everyday Long 
4mm | 85"

The Strong 
6mm | 71"

The Strong Long 
6mm | 85"

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