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don't just survive.

one of the questions i get asked most often is,

"how did you go from being a lawyer to owning a yoga studio?"

usually closely followed by some variant of "i'd love to do something like that too..."

i get it.

the vast majority of professionals out there are unhappy, 

don't really understand why, and don't know how to fix it.

i tried making all the same choices as everyone else, and

i just ended up miserable in golden handcuffs.


choosing to step off of a well-traveled path and forge my own

was one of the hardest, scariest things i’ve ever done.

and i’m not gonna lie, it was rough going for awhile.


but it was worth every dead end, every sleepless night, every tear i shed.

it took lots of faith in myself and superhuman levels of grit, but i finally found my calling.

and once i did, i never looked back.

i don't think entrepreneurship is necessarily for everyone,

but i DO think that everyone is capable of building a truly fulfilling professional life. 


so whether you want to learn about what it takes to make a giant leap like i did, or

learn how to go from thriving to surviving in your professional life,

i've got you covered.

i want to wake up every morning fired up and ready to get to work.

don't you?

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