write your own


 i tried making all the same choices

as everyone else,

and i ended up miserable.

once i started living by my own rules,

life became pretty incredible.

ready to start

writing your own rulebook?

then come join me outside of the box.

it's a lot more fun out here. 

join the family.

i'll pop into your inbox monthly with my latest on living life by your own rules.

rule #1: self-care is a priority, not a luxury. 

we live in a world where self-care, naps, + taking breaks are seen as frivolous luxuries.

we ALSO live in world where substance abuse, depression, + stress levels are sky high. 

coincidence? i think not. 

rule #2: do work that truly fulfills you.


forget about what everyone else thinks you should be doing.

i want to wake up every morning fired up and excited to get to work.


don't you?

rule #3: eat food that makes your body AND soul feel great.

screw deprivation diets and unrealistic beauty standards.

i decided a long time ago that i'd rather be curvy and happy than skinny and hangry. life has been a lot more fun ever since.