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i decided a long time ago that i'd rather be curvy + happy than skinny + hangry.

i've found the balance that works for me.

and my first rule is to never feel guilty about enjoying food.

i'm done with unrealistic beauty standards and shame-based diets. life's too short.


food brings me a certain joy that nothing else can.

creating it, eating it, and especially sharing it with people i love.

i spent two years as a restaurant writer during dc's restaurant boom,

but my passion for food started way before that.


from the earthquake cakes that my bestie and i baked up as kiddos, to the cookie company i started out of my apartment in college, to the many, many holiday meals, birthday cakes, + homemade feasts i've made over the years, my love of food knows no bounds.

i'm not here to help you lose weight, and i'm no nutrition expert.

but i'm also not advocating a descent into gluttony.

i just do my best to only eat things that make either my body or soul feel good.

ideally both, but let's be honest - sometimes the soul takes priority.

read on for recipes, entertaining tips, and restaurant recommendations from someone who lives to eat, and will never understand people who just eat to live.


recipes, entertaining tips, + more

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