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My Party Punch!

Entertaining season is in full swing! Though let's be real, every season is entertaining season when you love to cook and extrovert as much as I do ;-) This party punch is my #1 go-to entertaining recipe. The flavor combinations are endless, and every single time I make it, I get tons of compliments and requests for the recipe. It's simple, refreshing, and beautiful - a total show-stopper. Beverages are often forgotten when it comes to entertaining, and this recipe is a super easy way to take your party spread to the next level!

The punch is delicious on its own but can easily be spiked if your guests want to get a little frisky. Prosecco, champagne, and even vodka all work well. If I'm throwing a party where I want booze to be an option, I usually just keep the bottle(s) next to the punch so that people can choose how boozy they want to make their cup. And that way, those of us who prefer can keep our cups booze-free!

So basically, the punch is a mixture of sorbet, soda, and fruit. And maybe herbs. Mix and match flavors of all of your ingredients to create a uniquely delicious punch every time you entertain! Also, the liquid amounts below aren't set in stone. If you can't find 1L bottles, it's ok if they're a little smaller or bigger. And if you want your punch more or less sweet, you can adjust the ratio of soda to sparkling water, or even leave one out altogether.

  • 1 pint of sorbet, flavor of choice. (Haagen Daaz and Dolcezza are my fave brands; Talenti is pretty good too!)

  • 1L sparkling water

  • 1L naturally-flavored Italian soda or ginger ale

  • Fresh fruit - I usually use enough to cover the surface area of punch at least an inch or two deep. (optional, but definitely adds to the wow factor!) -When using a fruit that needs to be cut, think wheels or slices, not chunks. You want to fruit to float prettily at the top of the container, not sink to the bottom. This is punch, not sangria! -When using citrus, squeeze a good amount of fresh juice into the punch (go easy if it's a sour fruit, like lime or lemon or even grapefruit. Go ham if it's orange.) Slice the rest into wheels so they look purty. -Berries are a great option too. Keep some whole for looks, and lightly crush some to add flavor.

  • Fresh Herbs (optional, but definitely adds to the wow factor!) -I recommend sticking in whole sprigs or branches rather than individual leaves. Looks WAY more impressive! -Always give your herbs a good spanking before serving to release their oils and flavors!

Flavor combo ideas (but the sky's the limit here - go nuts!)

Mango Sorbet + Lime Slices + Mint Sprigs

Raspberry Sorbet + Lemon Italian Soda + Lemon Slices + Fresh Raspberries

Citrus Sorbet (Lemon, Orange, etc.) + Ginger Ale + Rosemary Sprigs

Lemon Sorbet + Plain Soda Water (Or Lemon Italian Soda) + Lavender Sprigs

Strawberry Sorbet + Ginger Ale + Fresh Strawberries + Mint or Basil

Blood Orange Sorbet + Lemon Italian Soda + Lemon and Blood Orange Slices + Sage

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