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yoga for real life

sometime during my first year as a big law associate, i realized that most people have got things totally backwards when it comes to self-care. i was horrified to discover that things like taking breaks and resting when you're tired and actually using your vacation days are considered frivolous, even lazy.



our bodies and brains cannot operate at full speed during every waking moment.

where did people get the idea that the human body is invincible?


if you want to operate at your best, physically, mentally, and emotionally,

you have to make self-care a priority. NOT treat it like a luxury.

and guess what?

yoga is the ultimate self-care toolkit.

despite what instagram may have led you to believe,

yoga doesn't have to be about handstands or chanting or chakras or any of that stuff. 


do you know why i love my yoga practice so much?

because it gives me all the tools i need to fix myself when i'm feeling bad.

sore low back? the right sequence of poses will ease that in a jiffy.

mind is racing or unfocused? a little meditation and i'm back on track.

feeling sad or stressed? a class with a teacher i trust will always, always make it better.

trouble sleeping? yoga before bed never fails to put me right to sleep.


i mean, those are some pretty powerful claims, right? no more achy body! no more flighty mind!

a way to deal with your problems that doesn't involve popping pills or a bottle of wine! 


i know, it sounds too good to be true.

another empty promise from the self-care industry. 


trust me. that's not the case.  


you just have to find a teacher who speaks your language, understands your lifestyle, and

can teach you this stuff in a way that will actually work for you, your body, and your life.

enter me. 

ready to get started?

|beyond the poses|

diving deeper into the many, many tools that the practice of yoga has to offer us. 

this is yoga for real life.

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